Thursday, November 29, 2012

Voyles picks chief criminal deputy attorney

Richard Wintory

Pinal County Attorney-elect Lando Voyles has chosen Richard Wintory as his chief criminal deputy.
“With Richard Wintory’s experience, we will take this county to the next level in prosecuting criminals,” Voyles said.
Voyles said he, his chief deputy and all of his criminal deputy county attorneys will be required to try cases.
Wintory said, “Mr. Voyles will have to physically pull me out of the courtroom when he needs me back in the office.”
Wintory, a longtime advocate for victims’ rights and “trial dog,” as he is known among state prosecutors, is a special homicide prosecutor for Graham County and has received several awards for his legal work, including being named Prosecutor of the Year twice. He was given that honor by the Arizona Narcotics Officers Association in 2005 and by his colleagues on the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council in 2007.
Currently the advisory council contracts with Wintory to train Arizona prosecutors in case management and trial advocacy.

A former senior prosecutor in the Pima County Attorney’s Office in Tucson assigned to the Arizona High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Center, former Attorney General Terry Goddard described him as “one of the most experienced border-crime prosecutors in the country.”

Prior to coming to Arizona, Wintory successfully prosecuted numerous death-penalty cases in Oklahoma where he served as criminal division chief deputy attorney general.


Pinal County Sheriffs Office Jennifer Foster Captured This Heart Warming Moment Of Kindness

NEW YORK —  A tourist’s snapshot of a New York City police officer giving new boots to a barefoot homeless man in Times Square has created an online sensation.

Jennifer Foster, of Florence, Ariz., was visiting New York with her boyfriend on Nov. 14, when she came across the shoeless man asking for change in Times Square.

As she was about to approach him, she said the officer — identified as Larry DePrimo — came up to the man with a pair of all-weather boots and thermal socks on the frigid night. She recorded his generosity on her cellphone.

It was posted Tuesday night to the NYPD’s official Facebook page and became an instant hit. More than 325,000 users “liked” it as of Thursday morning, and over 79,000 shared it.

Thousands of people commented, including one person who praised him as “An officer AND a Gentleman.”
The photo shows the officer kneeling beside the man with the boots at his feet. A shoe store is seen in the background.

The NYPD Facebook page on Thursday posted a comment from DePrimo saying “I didn’t think anything of it” and updated it with a photo of DePrimo taken in 2011.

“’I have these size 12 boots for you, they are all-weather. Let’s put them on and take care of you,’” Foster quoted DePrimo as saying to the homeless man. “The officer squatted down on the ground and proceeded to put socks and the new boots on this man. The officer expected NOTHING in return and did not know I was watching.”

Foster said she’s worked in law enforcement for 17 years and has never been more impressed.
“His presentation of human kindness has not been lost on myself or any of the Arizona law enforcement officials with whom this story has been shared,” Foster wrote on Facebook. She said she never got the officer’s name.

DePrimo, who is assigned to the Sixth Precinct and lives on Long Island, told Newsday that the homeless man “smiled from ear to ear” after getting the boots.

“It was like you gave him a million dollars,” he added.

He told The New York Times that he keeps the receipt for the boots in his vest to remind him “that sometimes people have it worse.”

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Challenge to Pete Rios Campaign Is An Issue

District 1 candidate Pete Rios who does not live in his district will be challenged next week in Pinal County Superior Court.

Pete Rios has skirted the law his entire political career and will be held accountable for his crimes against the people of Pinal County.

State law is clear on this residency requirements and Pete Rios does not meet those requirements, never has and never will. It is time for action.

Southwest Border Sheriffs will be filing suit to have Rios removed from his current term and ask for an injunction preventing him from taking office in the next term.

Josh Whitson

Southwest Border Sheriffs

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pinal County Commanders Association Endorses Paul Babeu

The Pinal County Commanders Association (PCCA) membership consists of command level personnel carrying the rank of lieutenant and above. The average length of experience of our membership approaches twenty years in every aspect of public safety; ranging from corrections to homicide investigation. The majority of the membership are merit system employees with tenured service with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and few members are appointed or at-will employees. 

All commanders unanimously endorse Sheriff Paul Babeu. Sheriff Paul is a great leader who has proven highly effective as a veteran, Army Officer and Commander of over 700 soldiers to protect America. No candidate comes close to his honorable military service, civilian education and accomplishments as our Sheriff. There is no contest and there really hasn’t been one. Yet, we want the citizens we serve to know that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Sheriff.

We are also pleased to 

stand in unison with the Law Enforcement Association of Pinal County (LEAPC) who also overwhelmingly support and endorse Sheriff Paul Babeu.

John Ellsworth
President, Pinal County Commanders Association

Jim Walsh Turns His Back On Yet Another Victim

Dear Editor,
As a career law enforcement officer and victim of crime I believe it is time to bring justice back for victims and to criminals in Pinal County. I was a shooting victim in Pinal County. Six years ago I was shot in the back while riding a bike on a popular mountain biking trail near Willow Springs. The Pinal Co. Sheriffs caught the shooters, who had fled the scene, hid in the desert and even buried the gun to avoid detection. Both shooters provided full confessions and ballistics linked their gun to the bullet that nearly killed me.The case went to the Pinal Co. Attorney's office for prosecution. This incident became widely publicized when the defendants were allowed to take a sweet heart plea to a much reduced crime. It is apparent to me this was done to avoid tasking the prosecutors with doing their job: keeping the public safe by taking violent offenders out of the community. Mr. Walsh was appointed to Pinal Co. Attorney just as my case was dealt out. Instead of making things better Mr. Walsh made things worse. Mr. Walsh has kept in place the same Chief Criminal Prosecutor (Richard Platt) who directly mis- handled my case. My experience is not unique. I have recently heard other reports of Pinal county prosecutors taking the path of least resistance and dealing out cases that should be easy wins for the people. Their office, in my opinion, remains soft on crime. I know what what the public should expect from their County Attorney's office having served in law enforcement for over 30 years. My wounds ultimately forced me to retire from law enforcement. Mr. Walsh has not made growing Pinal County any safer from violent criminal activity such as my incident. I still go to the Willow Springs for mountain biking. I still hear gun shots and see road signs riddled with bullet holes. It is time to get a qualified Pinal County Attorney who will make needed changes to the office including getting rid of lazy prosecutors who extend weak plea offers to avoid trial. Lando Voyles is that person.

Kelly Lane
(Ret. Tucson Police Department)

Ty Morgan Not Only Is Impersonating A Law Enforcement Officer..He also quotes himself

Ty Morgan Impersonating and Officer

Independent candidate Ty Morgan writes an article and also quotes himself.?

Ty Morgan who was fired from the Pinal County Sheriffs Office for numerous reasons, including failure to take orders, failure to answer dispatch calls to victims, insubordination,now wants the people he failed to serve to give him their vote?

 "Although many endorsements come from Board members of certain groups, I am most honored by this endorsement, as it is the members of the association, the Sheriff's Office employees themselves that have given me their endorsement.  To know that the employees of the Pinal County Sheriff's office are endorsing me to be their CEO, means an awful lot to me" said Pinal County Sheriff Candidate Ty Morgan.